polaroid preacher

the camera wed our souls that day beneath the crabapple tree the camera it bore witness through the blossoms’ canopy the camera clicked and captured what no one else could see that our spirits eternally were destined to be free it snapped and shuttered and joined us connected at the roots but not in tetherContinue reading “polaroid preacher”

feather brain

i got caught for a moment in the thought of a wallow i knew it was there when my stomach felt hollow it begged me to weep and suffer the arrows but when i heard what it needed they were just baby sparrows who all had been trapped in the weight of my gut flutteringContinue reading “feather brain”

waxing away

may you be that wick that dips and dunks and dives into the depths of all your lives here and now there and then coating itself in wax with experiences and layers of once molten and then hardening layer upon layer experience  upon experience knowing always and at any time you may be a-lit fromContinue reading “waxing away”

turned around

you looked back once, again, and lastly you shot me daggers not like blades but like flames that made my paper heart flutter not like butterflies but like ash incinerating my fragile flickering, tissued, love lantern had you turned around you would have seen the pile on the ground the grey the dust the fragmentsContinue reading “turned around”

rabbit transit

It’s always been perplexing as to why folks would choose to have both children AND pets. It seems redundant in the responsibilities, risks, regrets and rewards. Pets seem the obvious choice and sure, I see where they have a lot in common with domesticated human youth. Children, like animals, can be raised to respect, obey,Continue reading “rabbit transit”