home lone

i am a nomad

in my own home

from room to room

i roam and roam

i find no place

in this place

and beg for blessings

and for space

i give grace

and i trace

the corners of the floors

the outlines of the doors

and still

i am unstill

and i pace

and i wander more

and i ponder yore

i gaze over yonder

and try to unpack

some iota of wonder

uprooted again

i break free from the pen

from the sty i have sullied

as i sat in a stupor

like goldilocks i squirm

and proclaim

this one’s too firm

seeking softer solace

i slam doors

and splay curtains

searching for what’s certain

only to find

once again what’s behind

the drapes and the blinds

are just more vacant times

and i am lost in my mind

a hobo on no road

a vagrant in my abode

i am a nomad

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