• rain burn
    i will turn my whole life into a rainbow i don’t need your sun to shine i will burn my whole heart as an inferno i don’t need your never mind
  • glass heart
    nothing’s broken except every bottle i smash in my mind and every plate i drop since i am not willing to spin them anymore they can all kiss the floor
  • stretch marks
    may there always be more things calling me to respond to want to stretch to need to get closer near enough to reflect the infinite resounding truth of the reminder that i can only see it because i am it and it is me because we are always all and that is not a stretch
  • cloud mind
    if you think yourself strange it’s the thoughts you’ve arranged and they’re simply deranged and they are not you and they are not true thoughts we are taught are merely just  clouds that seem very dark and sound very loud but you you are the sky and you can wave wave clouds goodbye in theContinue reading “cloud mind”
  • a side
    i surrender and i step aside i trust and i abide by the winds of change and the change of tides i am along for the ride and need never again hide transparent now to the inside
  • don’t mind
    i don’t mind this mind anymore i used to listen as it showed me the door i used to obey what i thought it did say but i don’t mind this mind anymore and now i don’t mind manners and i don’t hear the clamor of all the words that never were yammered because iContinue reading “don’t mind”
  • life boat
    and there will be spilled milk and burnt toast you will drag and you will coast and there will be dams and moats but you will last and you will float
  • dis clothed
    i am batik i am botany i am litmus i am lye dip me in the deep over and over again soak me in the soup sink me in the sludge mire me in the murk deliver me to the shore then bring on the rain see what i retain i have absorbed only thatContinue reading “dis clothed”
  • write right
    so what if i don’t write right now if i don’t feel quite right somehow if i know better and think worse even though it was said i had cleared the curse i relied on being saved by verse and do words only follow thoughts and do i only bother to ink blot when iContinue reading “write right”
  • within reason
    if i wrote you today and it was me that needed to hear what i would say then who are the words for how far does the message go or does it ever need to be sent and would it really matter if you knew what i meant
  • over flow
    drink in these words and may they spill back out not in nouns and verbs but  bubbly, brilliant, sparkling effervescent like a fountain with no spout
  • self squawk
    talking to myself not hearing what i say words rattle in my ears like the cackling of a jay they cast me blindly out to sea not harbored in my bay i drift uncompassed and unmoored as if i know my way but when i write them down and see what’s on display it silencesContinue reading “self squawk”
  • listen hear
    listen here as you sit there i will keep striking this note upon the keyboard striking this note upon the guitar chord listen here i will strum until you are deaf and i am done listen here listen hear
  • up here
    i will not sit up here in this rat’s nest with a tight chest held close to your vest like some witness to the depressed treasure chest of some long suppressed eagerness that you dared digress as if to invest when all it was down here was duress
  • un fit
    don’t paint me small like you think i am i fit on no canvas created by man go get the stretcher and try as you might you won’t find the palette to capture my light don’t paint me in color like you think i am i fit in no spectrum sighted by man so goContinue reading “un fit”
  • inked out
    when the ink runs out we’ll find a way to have our say we’ll scrawl in mud or use our blood when thinks run dry we’ll make our way to give our say we’ll call in god and refuse to nod
  • art stinks
    the stench of the linseed the almost moldy, cold, wet clay the acid through the screen the petrol in the ink the lye in the dye the musky perfume of the raw loom aaaah the heavenly stench in which we love to drench our thirsts be quenched in order to express what must be freedContinue reading “art stinks”
  • make tracks
    I have tried not to leave prints but you gave me these thumbs I have tried not to make sounds but you gave me this voice I have tried not to make tracks but you gave me these limbs i have tried not to leave hints but you gave me no choice
  • sub lime
    yes, i have written words in sadder times but each ink’s blot left me more aligned with what was not in service of my kind but had taken hostage, all my mind so having said what was most unkind i am set free to live and unwind
  • coming back
    we’re not coming back here no matter how loud you scream there’ll be twisting and turns no matter how far it seems we’re not coming back here so say what you mean
  • maybe later
    may i be warmer in the winter toward the kindness of myself may i be surer in the springtime at the finding of my wealth may i be softer in the summer to the minding of my health may i be abler in the autumn at the finding of my self may i be soonerContinue reading “maybe later”
  • walked out
    i am talking with my mother through the pounding of my feet she hears me in the thunder that ripples on the street i am singing with my sisters from the sounding of my soles they cheer me up with wonder that echoes out in rolls i am praying with my father by the boundingContinue reading “walked out”
  • going out
    we be feral you and me i and you we made that pact when i came out your belly and you winked in my eye but we wear our people clothes now for going out yet you saw my fur and my claws my little fangs that glistened while you christened my empty head weContinue reading “going out”
  • savory sweet
    surely there is more to savor in this life than the sweet can we be equally in love with the process of the gristle and the meat can we explore what we might abhor and find a way to adore what is not at once the savory and the sweet
  • rest less
    i did not come here to rest but it would feel like less to get these words off my chest to heed my request to live more in jest of what i can’t digest to unbutton the vest of all i’ve suppressed and welcome the bless
  • last one
    that bug that i squashed that petal i plucked that tree that i chopped that sentence i hushed could that have been the last one yes, still i am here but with reason to fear that my actions could steer the start of the best or the worst of the last so that smile thatContinue reading “last one”
  • all ready
    i have lived this life already and now we must go backward to see what we must find we must retrace but not replace what we left behind i have lived this life already and it has been most kind and now we must go forward to say goodbye to time we must make hasteContinue reading “all ready”
  • fly bye
    will you return to me by the fluttering of my wings do my feathers make a frequency that resonates with your heartstrings are there noises unknown to ears but heard within your soul is there music in my cup that beckons to your bowl
  • remember well
    i will remember you well in water as the earth made you her daughter and you were rendered to the sea i will remember you well in weather as the earth made you a feather and you were surrendered to the lea i will remember you well in winter as the earth made you aContinue reading “remember well”
  • ride on
    it is not as if i have picked up all that i can carry but i have paused to look upon the road it is not as if i have walked on all the paths i chose to tarry but i have paused to reckon with the road
  • now then
    have no doubt we will combust rendered immediately to dust having bypassed the rust for which we would now lust if we could just have back the time to remake our mind to choose more refined to buy us more time to not combust
  • last moment
    and there are moments and they are vast they are timeless and fragile glass and there were moments and they went fast filled with chaos and dense with mass and there is no moment that will last
  • some more
    something will make me of this day somehow the words will come from what i cannot say somewhere will take me from the fray sometimes the birds will hum for when i cannot pray something will make me of this day
  • meaning less
    may each word i write be a release a ballast cast overboard a frequency bailed an uplift felt even when the words are heavy or the thoughts are low writing them out let’s them go and in each stain there is less meaning to carry forth meaning less
  • my words
    may my words make a ladder the letters a rung by rung may they lift me from my drifting and from feeling oh so numb may my words make a ladder and hoist me from lost sense may my words make a ladder and guide me over the fence may my words make a clatterContinue reading “my words”
  • wish wasp
    and the wasps with wings like whisks all whirled and swirled away the worries from amidst this buzzing brain in fray they swarmed and swept so no fret be kept within its dense membrane they made a paste with all the waste of which it had maintained they built anew and then they flew summoningContinue reading “wish wasp”
  • marigold heart
    may your heart blossom bright like a marigold overnight burst open in bronze delight brilliant and vibrant carrot orange to the sight piquant lemon ginger perking the nose nothing like a rose marmalade sticky sweet countless petals unfurling replete reaching for the sun and being it as one your marigold heart
  • brick boat
    sometimes i stack the bricks on my chest and how the world laughs and sees me with jest sometimes i stack the bricks in a row and how they do guide me and pull me in tow sometimes i smash the bricks at my feet and how they resemble my thoughts incomplete sometimes i shareContinue reading “brick boat”
  • peachy keen
    when the weight of these things feels too heavy for your wings put down the load and turn into a toad when the length of this road feels too long for your feet step off the path and turn into a giraffe when the height of these trees feels too high for you to reachContinue reading “peachy keen”
  • out clear
    we are the blue bubbles and the white light that effervesce in the night we emanate and inflate we illuminate and irradiate anything that speaks of hate we are the blue bubbles and the white light
  • honey heart
    may your honey heart melt into a molten river and the hive turn from haven into heaven and run free may your honey heart spill out and be so sticky as to ooze with sweetness and reach the beneathness that once only knew sour and now can only grow flowers that will surely and purelyContinue reading “honey heart”
  • left under
    and then you left then they left too and to my soul it felt like theft and then i wept and they wept too and in this hole i feel bereft and now what’s left what’s left to rue and in my soul i feel the cleft
  • echoes now
    all the things are just echoes now the space you left a hollow howl the hide and seek will never find what is was you left behind
  • the lesson
    perhaps the passing of those we love places a period at the end of the sentence of the lesson the lesson they have been whispering and shouting to us for our entire blessed lives while they are here we are trying to be independent and grow free from their voice to develop our own we twistContinue reading “the lesson”
  • home deaf
    the house had no music but there was a song it had known there was a timbre amidst its timber that beheld its own tone there was a tune that once went mute and burrowed deep inside like a scarab masked in amber it was silenced and denied the house had no music
  • time again
    i have wandered on and off the path again time and time again in and out of life’s constructs only to press my face up against the bars, the panes again time and time again looking through to  the out there or the in here and wondering again time and time again i have wanderedContinue reading “time again”
  • home lone
    i am a nomad in my own home from room to room i roam and roam i find no place in this place and beg for blessings and for space i give grace and i trace the corners of the floors the outlines of the doors and still i am unstill and i pace andContinue reading “home lone”
  • fade fast
    fade fast i will warn you you will wilt if you stay on that vine make last nothing that adorns you it enrobes you in gnarls and twines put past all that conforms you to the promise of unused time fade fast i will warn you
  • pieced apart
    i will pick you up in pieces when you can’t recognize yourself we won’t try to reassemble and replace you to the shelf there is no reason to resemble that former version of your self i will put you down in fragments you will gather up the eaches that once were who you knew youContinue reading “pieced apart”
  • self made
    i have made myself predictable i have entombed and encased my face and race save you the chaos i have made myself adjustable i have bound and buffered my space and grace save you the chaos
  • face facts
    how much energy has it taken to force my face forward how much easier would it have been to simply have faced the facts how much spackle has it required to fortify my place outward how much easier would it have been to simply have embraced the cracks
  • high tide
    my tides they have risen way past the water line above the banks beyond the basin’s brink and are ready to breach my thoughts they have boiled way past the kettle’s brim and are ready to leach my lungs they have swelled way over the ocean’s edges beyond the tanks above the beach and areContinue reading “high tide”
  • something there
    in between the unicorn and the uniform i am born in between the cuneiform and the matterhorn i am formed in between the capricorn and the maelstrom i will be transformed
  • write again
    write again wrong you are when you think you are done it’s always too soon to put down the pen to hang up the hat to give up the dream to silence the voice yes you may rest as pause is not without a future cause to manifest your next best in the stopping andContinue reading “write again”
  • spell bound
    i will glue this world together by the minding of my words i will structure strong my sentences with love in nouns and verbs i will amalgamate these messes by the turning of a phrase i will restore fairer weather by the minding of my ways i will bind this spine by tether in theContinue reading “spell bound”
  • these words
    we have given ourselves these words so that we may play so that we may find some folly in what we say so that we may expand beyond the mere dimensions of this day so that we may be more clever in how we do display so that we may express outside the vessels inContinue reading “these words”
  • back rest
    i just want to rest back into your love into the softness of the belly that says i surrender to the warmth of this life life that is always waiting to embrace and enfold to grace and behold every trace of doubt that i believed i could not live without and then once again inContinue reading “back rest”
  • no claim
    you have no stake in the wake of the furrow left in my brow you will not rake through the lake of sorrows left in my bowels you get no claim to the pain of the burrow left in the yowl you won’t mistake when you awake the hollow left in the now
  • love true
    i will keep you with one foot in this world no matter how hard you try to leave i will anchor you from your swirl no matter how much you bob and weave i will tether you to my heart with thread and wear you on my sleeve
  • fear not
    your toughness is just deafness it’s not music to my ears your gruffness is just preference it’s how you hide behind your fears
  • rusty relations
    we are women we are water we are not wounded when we weep we are witness to the wreckage that your weapons they have wreaked we are warning of the waking that this wildness soon will wield we are men we are metal we are not madness with our might we’ve been muted we makeContinue reading “rusty relations”
  • near life
    how much closer to this earth can you become today how much further have we wandered to keep the end away how much nearer is our life than we can ever say that the breathing in and breathing out is willing to purvey so in keeping with the sleeping that we tend to do throughContinue reading “near life”
  • know time
    and maybe we did not know at some time there would be a time in which there was no time like this present like that past like some future we did not know that we would not need time to measure to gauge our pleasure to account to amass amounts to assign a span limitedContinue reading “know time”
  • dust bowl
    what need have i to try to try and muster and then become a-fluster an entangled cluster when knowing full well the dust would just settle if i could de-nettle and freely sit still and dwell for a simple spell outside this hell that i formed from nothing and pretended it was something
  • id tag
    swallow these words like nothing you’ve heard chew up the verbs and make yourself round by the sounds of the nouns what would you be if you could only see with no words to drink what would your thoughts think how could you enshroud your being out loud without a language with which to engageContinue reading “id tag”
  • time collapse
    i will not collapse in some fashion like toy soldiers in a row i might line up like ducks and quack as i flow i will step out of line with your so called time i will collapse into myself like books on a shelf in abundance and overflow
  • time gait
    this is the time i sat idly not wildly but mildly by by the wayside not in the riptide but like a blimp ride against my pride this is the time i felt wasted not laced in but faced inside inside the collapse of the time lapse that never filled in the gaps of myContinue reading “time gait”
  • your being
    doing the work is not the same as being the work and in the working it out there is really a working it in and this working is not the same as laboring so much as it is the savoring of reabsorbing and conforming to your natural normaling so yes do the work if itContinue reading “your being”
  • out write
    i can write in a vacuum i can write in a back room i don’t need a mushroom to make my words bloom i don’t need a big voice to make known my choice
  • galactic swimming
    those planets lost their power when i realized at this hour i could utterly devour the tides they tried to turn just by jumping in
  • word less
    there will always be more paper and ink than what you’ve left unwritten there will always be more noise in the air than what you’ve left unspoken there will always be more density in the mind than lightness in your soul only and always if you remain wordless
  • heart safe
    i will not lock my heart in a box as if it were a safe i will not issue keys and codes for you to enter my space i will not wall with brick and mortar to cover up my face i will wear my heart upon my skin as if it were my race
  • that which
    i want that i am that that which i am i can only see what is already me so that which i think i am longing to be is already a part but feels fallen apart somewhere in my heart and i go searching again then i stub my toe from my grasping and woeContinue reading “that which”
  • polaroid preacher
    the camera wed our souls that day beneath the crabapple tree the camera it bore witness through the blossoms’ canopy the camera clicked and captured what no one else could see that our spirits eternally were destined to be free it snapped and shuttered and joined us connected at the roots but not in tetherContinue reading “polaroid preacher”
  • hoofing it
    may the horse in your heart hear its own hooves and know that it is running from nothing may the wolf in your windpipe hear its own howl and know that it is clawing at nothing may the crow in your crown hear its own caw and know that its crying for nothing
  • dog soul
    there is a tiny puppy that lives inside my soul it yelps at me to feed it and clanks upon its bowl it leaps at open doors and doors that i have closed it woofs and wants to be set free it nudges with its nose it whines when it is unseen it tugs andContinue reading “dog soul”
  • feather brain
    i got caught for a moment in the thought of a wallow i knew it was there when my stomach felt hollow it begged me to weep and suffer the arrows but when i heard what it needed they were just baby sparrows who all had been trapped in the weight of my gut flutteringContinue reading “feather brain”
  • waxing away
    may you be that wick that dips and dunks and dives into the depths of all your lives here and now there and then coating itself in wax with experiences and layers of once molten and then hardening layer upon layer experience  upon experience knowing always and at any time you may be a-lit fromContinue reading “waxing away”
  • much nothing
    how much may we make of the nothing at stake how deep may we bask in this time that won’t last how heavy might we get in the weight of the net how tightly must we grasp to the lungs’ last gasp  yet how lightly can we play with the dawning of one day howContinue reading “much nothing”
  • put down
    let go what you thought was us what you thought was you put down the frown that you felt fit shed the scowl that you might miss drop that story of what you were told was you by them for us let go what you carried thinking it would serve because it once had nowContinue reading “put down”
  • wrong of way
    keep your head down keep your hopes low put your mind in the gutter and row row row keep your light dim keep your face hid sink your chest in bury that grin keep your brow cross keep your bow flossed put your time in the race never lose pace keep your jaw on aContinue reading “wrong of way”
  • make less
    do not suppress nor shrivel in regress but do make less make less of more peel away all the lore until left with the core pluck every petal expose each prickly nettle until you are left with only what settles the essence the innocence the incense of life
  • no promises
    i was not promised not even this to leap and bound and live in bliss i was not charged not even tolled to toil and grunt and die as old i was not anything not even now to be more something than i know how
  • tried on
    i tried so hard to sink into this soul downward and backward as if it were a bowl i breathed and blew bellowed like a flue and summoned all i knew i sulked and sunk i hulked and dunked contemplated like a monk i tried so wide to fill up this space to care andContinue reading “tried on”
  • grasping ghosts
    and even as we gather to try and wind the floss we find the spool unravels by the shroud that we have lost and until we gain a tension on the most gossamer of threads we grasp and grip unwittingly at the vapors from the dead for now, let’s free the stranglehold of clinging toContinue reading “grasping ghosts”
  • nothing this
    in the nothingness that is all this may we fall into bliss in the everything that is all that may we climb out of the vat in the in-between that is all else may we know it as ourself
  • still sitting
    in your sitting still, child did the world come to you did it float down like a feather into the open palms of your hands and while you still sat did the pearl come to you did it spurt forth from the ocean released from the shell and the foam and still while you wereContinue reading “still sitting”
  • spinning silk
    i am that thread spun from sugar wrapped around your wrist i will not melt from your pulsing but i will dissolve as i wish i will glisten when you listen and i will blend into your skin i will sour by the hour when the darkness comes back in
  • dark trek
    i watched your shadow walk away because you closed the door it looked so small for the space it held and sank into the floor then it morphed and clung on each lit stalk of grass taking on a life of its own and swallowing up our past i watched it until the sun wentContinue reading “dark trek”
  • turned around
    you looked back once, again, and lastly you shot me daggers not like blades but like flames that made my paper heart flutter not like butterflies but like ash incinerating my fragile flickering, tissued, love lantern had you turned around you would have seen the pile on the ground the grey the dust the fragmentsContinue reading “turned around”
  • rolling back
    like a pinball off a paddle darling you were out that door and gone gone like you knew knew where you were going yes life has its bright lights and bells and whistles but it has its bumper cars too and like a pinball off the paddles you bounced and you raced and you rolledContinue reading “rolling back”
  • well dug
    don’t show me the endless, shallow ditches you dug the miles you crossed in ceaseless searching don’t show me the countless, abandoned cracks in the crust show me instead the hole you honed that turned into the pit that you dared crawl into and then you crept some more show me the well that youContinue reading “well dug”
  • forgotten humor
    if i forgot myself today forgot that i must be doing forgot the weight of waiting might i return from nowhere to everywhere all at once unweighted undone unwound and just for fun does being so serious add value on some scale i cannot see do i dare to measure or calculate a treasure byContinue reading “forgotten humor”
  • under stones
    looking under rocks does not get me closer to what the sun has graced looking into wells does not get me closer to recognizing my face looking over life does not get me closer to the future i embrace looking to the stars blinds me full with space
  • rabbit transit
    It’s always been perplexing as to why folks would choose to have both children AND pets. It seems redundant in the responsibilities, risks, regrets and rewards. Pets seem the obvious choice and sure, I see where they have a lot in common with domesticated human youth. Children, like animals, can be raised to respect, obey,Continue reading “rabbit transit”
  • make room
    now is the time of the mushroom that looms in the loam and blooms like a poem and unfolds like a foam a lark in the dark now lit by a spark unbeknownst til i awoke to the joy of its joke the surprise to my eyes in still gray the sun’s rise now isContinue reading “make room”
  • a stretch
    i may not teach you but am hoping to reach you where you are where you were in your all how deep will you go inward through caverns and echoes then to full and fulfilled one with the one that is you without the name without the frame without this game that calls us againContinue reading “a stretch”
  • most all
    i like to think i’m living amidst the almost and that that is everything almost everything because if it were the all of all and not almost what else would there be?
  • no what
    you study hard and drink the ink swallow each word in hopes you’’ll sink into the depths of all the knowing you’d close the gap of this and that between the chasm in hopes you’ll fathom to know what?
  • last captor
    and when you realize the last captor is you you don’t but you will and you don’t but you will and when you realize the last captor is you you can expend more time looking and trying to go back and explain to explore, repair and blame or you can immediately at once and forever forgive yourselfContinue reading “last captor”

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