the lesson

perhaps the passing

of those we love

places a period

at the end of the sentence

of the lesson

the lesson

they have been whispering

and shouting

to us

for our entire



while they are here

we are trying to be


and grow

free from their voice

to develop our own

we twist and resist

some of what they teach

because we need to

see and be

who we


and there is pressure

and we feel tethered

and when the cord snaps

and they fall from us

and we grasp to reach it

that is when we are free

free to be us

but also

free to finally not resist

the lesson

the lesson

and the love

that they were always willing

to let flow

even when it did not show

we are free

to hear it now

with no ego

no pretense and defense

and now

we want to comprehend

all that they wanted us to understand

and now

we start

to step into

the light

of what they were showing us

as us

and now

without them

as we do hear the lesson

we honor them

by carrying on the legacy of

the lesson

One thought on “the lesson

  1. As an older person, my heart soars with the truths spoken here. Yes, I’m saying, I agree with this deeply felt acknowledgement of how we struggle on both “sides” – as loving parents praying for the wellbeing of our children and as a “child” remembering lessons from my parents that I may have ignored. Thank you, J.


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