id tag

swallow these words

like nothing you’ve heard

chew up the verbs

and make yourself round

by the sounds of the nouns

what would you be

if you could only see

with no words to drink

what would your thoughts think

how could you enshroud

your being out loud

without a language

with which to engage

does speech build a cage

to keep you in your mind

do the wordsmake a suit

that clings, crimps and binds

if all words were lost

or if they never came

would you still mind your mind

would you know what’s your name

One thought on “id tag

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. My interpretation of this is that words are powerful and we all attach meaning to them (of course!) but each can have different meanings creating very different emotions within each of us. Words can limit us (build a cage), or words can create possibilities. So pay attention to your words and the meanings you attach so you get exactly what you want. Thank you J!


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