life’s carnival

i wanted each one

of those fake rabbit feet

dyed in colors unnatural

and each of those magical mood rings

that could speak for what i could not say

and the crystal domed snow cone of ice

drenched in a rainbow

the baby blue cotton candy

and the pink one, too

the feathers dangling

from leather on a clip

and the goldfish in a bag

and then to spin

weighted, but weightless

so my mind’s eye could match

the kaleidoscope of wonder

with the world of things to see

and i will take your hand

your sticky, chubby, dirty fingers

and lead you back to the calliope

and you will know it is me

because of the pinwheel in my hair

One thought on “life’s carnival

  1. What wonderful, musical colors …. this takes me to a world of wonder and desires … yet to realize how quickly some of those “have to have” things disappear in our lives. Nevertheless, they represent something wonderful that enriched our lives.


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