in gradients

there is no recipe

to get it right

no exact mix

nor measure

which will guarantee

our life to be

one that equates

to pleasure

there are only

guesses and guides

messes and backslides

to move us


to make us collide

into our wholeness

that return

into our solid selves

which makes us

feel more completely alive


drop by uneven drop

our ingredients

in gradients

3 thoughts on “in gradients

  1. Such truth! We search and struggle with “what” to do sometimes, but we’re all so different, there is no universal guide to what action or way to live is best for each. Love your posts!


  2. Beautiful! It’s too bad wordpress doesn’t allow you to hit the “like” button without signing in. So if you are wondering why there are no “likes” it’s because WP has made this a bit of an ordeal.


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