what’s the difference?

maybe you were wondering just what goes on behind the scenes when you want to bring a dream (i.e. tiny book) to life.



help from highly gifted people.

here is just one example of the talented hearts that i have been blessed to work with on this book journey in bringing SQUIRREL to you.

TRY THIS: can you spot the difference between the 2 images above?

the image on the left was what the book cover would have looked like if i had done it.

the image on the right, well, that is the inspired artistry and talent of illustrator Mia Bosna.

when I reached out to Mia Bosna in August 2020 to draw a very particular squirrel, she held space for me as we chatted.

mostly I chatted (and endlessly) about what squirrel wanted to look like and why.

Mia asked incredibly deep questions to understand what in the world and why in the world a squirrel might need an obelisk in its right hand, a golden acorn in its left and a beetle on its right foot.

i was certain I knew, but expressing it visually was obviously (see picture on left above) not in my aesthetic wheelhouse.

that’s where the Mia MAGIC came in.

i sent her the image on the left AND over 55 images of everything that was in my mind that i could not sketch onto that yellow legal pad.

and i mean EVERYTHING!

i looked back at that email from August of 2020 and my requests seemed out of this world:

“the eyes should look like this”

“the angle of the tail, just so”

“the smile like this; impish but not devilish, with wonder but not mischief”

“the hairs should look like this, as if it were 10:02 a.m., 12 degrees outside, in January, in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter winds blowing out of the northwest at 4mph”

you get my drift?

well, maybe you don’t but, Mia sure did!

what she brought out in me, by bringing out the squirrel I could see, but not make seen, well, that cleared the path and opened up the portal so that I could write my way forward.

PURE MAGIC in the form of MIA!

working with Mia was just one of the co-creative adventures that went into this endeavor.

i hope when you see SQUIRREL, you will be reminded of all the unearthed wonders that await to be awakened in you.

and, that you will be inspired to trust your dreams and to trust others to hold them and unfold them along with you, so that those dreams can see the light and be brought out into the open and shared.

wonderment in the wilderness awaits!

tiny book, big heart, four forest fables, coming soon.

SQUIRREL will be available on 4/22/21 (EARTH DAY)

stay tuned for updates!

CLICK “STAY CONNECTED” FOR ALERTS…this is really happening!

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