who knew?

i didn’t know.

somehow i was supposed to tell you 3 years ago, that i was going to write a book last year and that this year i am publishing it.

who knew?

forgive me in this moment for not having the foresight with hindsight required.

lesson learned!…?

ok, with the future-past behind us (or in front), now what?

i’m asking myself the same thing and the only thing i can do is begin (again, anew) from now.

here’s what we know:

i wrote a book.

then, i started to learn what you are supposed to do if you want to write a book.

it turns out that i was supposed to be telling you about this CONSTANTLY!

somehow that is regarded as a benefit (i thought i was sparing you from the whining and details – which may be redundant).

instead, let’s pretend i have given you the gift of time because i wanted it to be a refreshing surprise when the book came out.

i see the error(?) of my ways now.

it’s like i was baking cookies and you could have been around in the kitchen to lick the spoon and smell the aroma.

instead, i was planning to just deliver said cookies.

that supposedly deprived you of all the labor, prep, clean up and sensory overload (as well as exposure to raw eggs, nuts and other potential allergens).

so i’m dusting off the flour from my imaginary apron, wiping the egg off my naive face and starting from “scratch” in keeping you updated.

there is a book, there will be a book and i promise that if you are still with me on this journey, APRIL will be bringing more than showers.

for now, the blogging continues as i blush my way through this galactic guffaw.

CLICK “STAY CONNECTED” FOR ALERTS…this is really happening!

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