wood night triplets

three awoke amidst the woods

the first, named WAS

the second, IF

the third, NOW

lost and un-compassed

they knew they must move on

as the temperatures were dropping

and the darkness grew darker

WAS ran screaming


trying to retrace every step that it could not see

to reach what it could not clearly remember it came from

IF trudged forward in terror

feeling possessed to move for fear of remaining where it was


fearing more the future as it imagined it 

NOW, was quiet and calm

and listened to the silence

smelled the air

felt the wind’s direction on it’s skin

and saw a lighter darkness

NOW moved forward into the unknown

with a knowing of itself

as the compass

4 thoughts on “wood night triplets

  1. This “got me” — what a way to picture the many uncertainties we have – and how to calm those uncertainties if we look at the “now.”  Bravo.Marilyn


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