forget it

forgetting is the new remembering

it’s trending

but don’t worry

trends don’t last and neither do your brain cells

so why all the struggle to shove more info into your already overstuffed head hole?

i don’t have the answer, but i can tell you

if you want to remember, you have to forget


yes, exactly

you have to make room for what is to come 

and room for what is important

you have to remember to forget so that you can forget to remember

got it?

if you don’t get it

you need to make more room

now, sure, some will say the mind is infinite and i am trying to convince you of its limitations

if you can be convinced, congratulations!

it means you still have room in your brain to think

but/and we all get to that point where we feel like we can’t think any more

usually because we forgot something and we think we are losing it

really, we have over-remembered

so, if you want to gain more space in order to remember, you are going to have to forget

sure, sure, i have made this sound soooo easy

but, you can do this

you must do this

but how?

well, first, decide that you want to remember

then, and now that that it is a priority, forgetting will come easily

as you decide what you would like to forget, you will have to remember it

and now, for the hard part


don’t worry, i make it sound soooo hard

but you can do this

you must do this

but how?

well, first, decide that you want to forget

do you feel it?

the struggle, leaving you?

if you are not instantly and immediately starting to float in a bubble of relief the likes of which you have never known

then please, continue forgetting, there’s more to let go of

others will forgive you (not that you need them to) as you bob and bounce in your gravitationaless ambience

so, remember to forget

and forget again

so you can remember

and please do leave room for this memory…

you are loved, cherished, complete and completely

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