don’t wish

a better tomorrow always seems possible, but have i abandoned today for it? we are always on the eve of something greater, yes. but have we celebrated every last second out of this moment, right now? and if not, i catch myself wondering, why? setting hopes afloat feels like fun yet, am i perhaps wanting to not be on the shoreline? when we make a wish, we often close our eyes and there is a counting down, like with candles on a cake or a new year being welcomed in. and in those milestone moments, there is a richness. a richness in the being present to conjure the intention of the future but/and a richness in the surroundings that bring the grounding for those bigger dreams to form. so may today find us all in the way of making wishes, the way, but not the waiting. the attachment to the fleeting wonderment of the present and the detachment toward the beautiful outcome.

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