stumblin’ in

welp, here we are. i promised a blog and so it begins. first, i want to thank you for being on the receiving end of this entry. it has really helped to apply exponential amounts of pressure which, i know, i asked for. sure, i have put a lot of pressure on myself over the years (you’d think i’d be a diamond by now). yet, still, the internal pressure was just not enough. so i had to go and shout it out to you and the universe, that i had this wild intention of writing.  the delivery is due and in part, due to you. blessings and thanks! and now after only months of crying at the keyboard, and weeks of whining into the wind as i walked away and back, some words landed and stuck. a few words only, mind you, keep those expectations low. sure, some folks have a way of making a grand and graceful entrance. i prefer to embrace my imbalances and come stumblin’ in. enjoy the blog and the website as they are in their infancy (while i am not).

One thought on “stumblin’ in

  1. JJ – Your writing blows me away and takes me into deep thoughts. I follow everything you’ve written and it all makes so much sense. Keep blowing me away, please.


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